Petkin Blood Stop Petswabs – 24 Sticks


Petkin Blood Stop Pet Swabs offer easy pet care for happy and healthy pets. These are liquid filled cotton tipped swabs that helps in stopping minor bleeding from cuts, scrapes and nail clippings. The liquid in these swabs contain a fast acting styptic solution and lidocaine which helps subside the pain. It can be used on cats and dogs that are over 6 weeks old.



  • Cotton tipped swabs for minor pet injuries
  • Contain a fast acting styptic solution and lidocaine
  • Helps reducing blood and soothes pain on contact
  • Can be used on minor cuts, scrapes and nail clippings
  • Suitable for cats and dogs over 6 weeks old

Additional Info 

  • Product Name:¬†Petkin Petwipes
  • Product Type:¬†Towels & Wipes
  • MRP ‚Çπ:¬†330¬†(Inclusive of all taxes)
  • Imported & Marketed by:¬†ABK Imports PVT. LTD,Office No. 105, 1st Floor,Pune Trade Center, Wagholi, Pune – 412207, Maharashtra, INDIA.
  • Country of Origin:¬†USA

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How to Use : 

  • Holds swab with the colored ring ends up.
  • Bend the colored ring tip gently to one side until it snaps to release the liquid inside.
  • And liquid flows down to into the plain white tip.
  • Gently rub swab on minor bleeding areas.

Note: Seek veterinary assistance for heavy bleeding or if minor bleeding does not stop.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


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