A Complete Product Essentials Guide for New Cat Owners 

If you’re planning to adopt a pet, in particular, a cat, then you’re in for a heartwarming ride. Cats can make for endearing company, and every cat has a unique personality. But like all pets, you’ll need to prepare your home for the new arrival. Here are some cat basics to get started with, and as you get savvier, you can keep adding to your cat’s essentials collection. 

What’s on the Menu?

You can feed your cat a mix of wet and dry cat food. Choose from a wide range of well-formulated high-nutrition dry and gravy foods in yummy flavours, available for both kittens and adult cats. Don’t forget to offer your pet a cat treat in between meals, especially when you’re trying to train them. Snapper jerky strips, salmon strips and other crunchy treats brighten up your cat’s day and make for a great bonding activity. Some popular food brands include Whiskas cat food, Sheba cat food and Arden Grange cat food. Make sure to have a designated food bowl, so your cat knows it’s feeding time. 

Litter Routine 

Everything that goes in must come out, and you need to make sure your cat has a designated space for its daily litter routine. You’ll need to buy a cat littertray and place it in an accessible location. Fill it with granulated cat litter every day; the mineral granules of the cat litter instantly absorb liquid like a sponge. At the end of the day, make sure you empty the litter tray with a scoop and refill it with a fresh supply of cat litter. Don’t forget to treat your kitten or cat when it aces its litter routine! 

In the Playpen

Like all pets, cats love to be mentally and physically stimulated. You can choose from a wide range of cat toysthat can keep your little one occupied all day. A popular option is a cat scratcher, which enables your cat to use its nails in a safe way. This also works as a great stress buster activity. Another favourite is a catnip toy that’s designed to amuse cats while also having a relaxing effect on them. 

It’s Nap Time 

Your cat is going to need its beauty sleep, and one way to ensure it is to get a comfortable, cosy cat bed. Make sure the inside is soft and creates a safe space for your cat to retire when it wants to rest. Some innovative designs can also transform cat beds into little caves for your cat to hang out in when they need some alone time! 

Let’s Get Groomed

While cats are pros at grooming themselves, they still need some human intervention every now and then. Bathing your cat once a week with an especially formulated cat shampoois a healthy practice. Towel-dry your cat and brush it gently afterwards. Make this an enjoyable experience for your pet by regulating the temperature of the water and finishing off the ritual with treats!

Enjoy the Ride 

As your cat settles into a routine, you can look at getting it a harness that can be used to walk your cat regularly on the streets. You can also liven up its play routine with fun toys. These are great ways to bond with your cat and build a strong, intimate relationship with your little one.  

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